Letter to Senator Claire from Dr. Lynn

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Excellent Alkaline Food Chart: Alkalizing Through Nutrition


Recommended Resource!

Dr. Lynn highly recommends this resource for understanding how alkaline & acidic foods affects our health.

Refer to these food charts to help transition to a healthier non-inflammatory diet:

Alkaline & Acidic Foods: Alkalizing Through Nutrition. Food charts from Essence-of-Life.com.



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Dr. Lynn & Dr Oz at Create Your Future Summit 2014 – Listen online!

oz-lynnHosted by the Peninsula Special Interest Lions Club (PSILC) in June 2014, the third annual conference raised awareness about the benefits of good nutrition and proper medical care in leading a long, fulfilling and active life. The Health Summit brought together parents, educators, government agencies, and healthcare professionals who share a passion for wellness and wisdom.

Dr. Paul Lynn shared the stage with Dr. Mehmet Oz, and an esteemed panel of health experts. Now you can access and listen to the audios of the conference, clicking here.

Dr. Lynn’s presentation as well as his panel discussion and afternoon plenary meeting can be listened to here:


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“Healthy Body, Faulty Medicine”… a new book by Dr. Paul Lynn

Healty Body, Faulty Medicine by Paul Lynn MD.


“I thought that this was a good point to write this book, because research is beginning to show that some of the medications prescribed and heavily marketed to patients are actually becoming more of a danger than an aid to better health. Patients aren’t aware of real alternative benefits that are available, and they don’t realize the risks involved with the direction we have been going…”

Healthy Body, Faulty Medicine by Dr. Paul Lynn will be available soon.

 In the meantime, videos and extracts of this book will be shared with you here.


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Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer’s and Heart Disease by 65%

Dr. Paul Lynn

Paul Lynn, MD

The info below could be the most important medical research result to come along in years, and yet most of us probably haven’t heard about it until now.

A recently published study proves your risk of having of major diseases of aging can be reduced an average of 65% by a  simple  Lifestyle formula. It is free of course since it is life style. Also this method has no risk, and makes you feel good while you are doing it.

The proof of this great benefit is beyond questioning. It comes from a  35 year study completed by a team of epidemiologist MD’S in England. Here are the details. The study is called the Caerphilly Prospective Study[CAPS]. A total of 2,235 men  were chosen at random from voting rolls in 1979 in the area around a the town of Caerphilly. Caerphilly, in southwestern England is close to the medical school of the professors who did the study. No exclusions or admissions for either positive or negative traits in family history, genetics, etc. were made. For the entire 35 years only adherance or nonadherance to four  lifestyle choices were charted for each participant.Over against this data,  the presence or absence of diagnoses of major  diseases of aging was noted. The object of the study was to finally confirm or deny the real value in what everyone generally considers  positive lifestyle choices.  In other words does any of these lifestyle choices really change the rate at which  the diseases of ‘old age’ occur.

Why the need for this study?  It may come as a surprise to many, but researchers have known that a study which measures the effects of lifestyle as if  lifestyle itself were a single ‘drug’ has not been completed.  Until this was done, lifestyle may be  a good idea in theory but can it be proven, in a statistically valid study, to actually prevent the onset of diseases.  As a doctor for many years I have learned to look for that definitive evidence from a truly objective  source  before endorsing a method,drug, herb etc. Before this study what we knew of lifestyle is that it can make us feel good, get less fatigue, be more flexible, etc but can lifestyle also, alone,  prevent diseases of aging?

Consider what has happened with the recommendation of taking calcium to to build bones before research was done. It seemed like a good reasonable safe idea to doctors and patients alike. But when the results of a definitive Heidelberg study   was finally done, calcium supplementation alone was found to be of no help whatsoever for building bones. Zero. Worse, calcium supplements if  taken alone almost tripled the risk of heart attacks in women!  The news letter on this subject is in the SFPMG web site.   Lesson learned hopefully about  uninspected assumptions. For all of these reasons, a similar study of Lifestyle really needed to be be done.

Why was it not done before?  Lifestyle effects need to be tabulated over a long time to prove or disprove its value. Thus the long term studies are needed. However, long term studies are expensive, very expensive. And remember, there is not pot of gold in the form of a patented drug waiting for a pharmaceutical company  even if the study would prove to be positive. These 2 reasons make this type of study the most   dificult to get funded.  Thus researchers have shied away from even attempting to prove or disprove common Lifestyle recommendations even though such subjects are under constant discussion  in the public media.

Why only men? The original  funding for the study provided funding only for the monitoring of heart diseases.  Since women  have a much  smaller % of heart disease than men until the age of 60, a much larger population sample would have been required to maintain statistical validity if women were included. The level of  funding  available for  following the  larger sample of  women was not available. The funding came from the British Health System itself by the way. There  is no question among researchers that the same results reported below would have been obtained were a sample of women be monitored..

What were the lifestyle measures evaluated?  There were 5 specific criteria:

1.  Regular exercise  [4x per week ]
2.  Non Smoking
3.  Normal Body Weight
4.  Healthy Diet
5.  Low Alcohol Intake

Sounds kind of ‘ ho hum’, right? Nothing extraordinary. But look at  the results!

Those participants in the study who followed either 4 or 5 of the above criteria for the 35 year period of the   study had the following changes in their risk of the  diseases of aging listed below:

1. Heart Disease and Stroke                    70% Reduction
2. Alzheimer’s or Severe Cognitive Loss    60% Reduction
3.  Adult Onset Diabetes                          65% Reduction
4. Cancer                                             30% Reduction

The levels of reductions speak for themselves and has created quite a stir among researchers.

By the way, a total of 400 published medical articles were generated from the CAPS in medical journals over the 35 years.With so many studies published  and such amazingly positive results, why haven’t we read more about it in the media?  Simple, once again, new information that appears without a profit making product or procedure that can be sold  has largely lost its ability to be integrated into the practice of medicine. The potential value of the information for our health is not the major factor in news getting out beyond the article in a medical journal.

Why this integration does not take place? The attention of both doctors in practice and patients has been  ‘ captured’ so to speak by  the develpment of a profit driven medical marketing system over the past 40 years.  The marketing of profitable products has largely replaced previous  avenues of relatived unbiased professional discussions of potential breakthroughs.  Lifestyle as a therapy has no profit to make use of  this powerful machine of marketing.  That profit potential is what funds ads in journals, ,   free symposiums for doctors,  free samples for patients,  medical professors from prestigious schools being paid to give positive interviews in media, etc. Also, women and mens magazine articles, and TV programs involving celebrities ‘spontaneous’ use of the therapy etc.  Regardless how great its potential  research data, that data   cannot capture the doctors and public’s attention except fleetingly when the journal article first appears.  Doctors by now spend little time looking outside of the information pathways that has been constructed for them  to look for ways to heal their patients… In fact it seems  the average doctor and patient now would  define medical practice  as ONLY what is offered to them by these for -profit pharmaceutical companies/hospitals etc. This is truly the age of the  Big business model taking over medical care.We as doctors and patients  are encouraged to lose sight of the fact that we are receiving almost all our info on disease treatment from  businesses which requires us to recommend their products at  large enough profits  to fund this medical marketing system which in turn captures them….In summary, it is the profit potential  not healing potential,  of a product which ultimately now  drives how likely the doctor and public  will become familiar with the research available.  This is why the CAPS study confirming that the  effectiveness of Lifestyle as a far greater ‘medicine’ than any drug or surgical procedure  gets little attention.

All of the above not withstanding,The CAPS study info is out!!  We are talking about it. We as individuals can use the results to move forward in confidence as we continue our lifestyle programs. It is official, Lifestyle is not just a ‘feel good’ activity.. It is a safe powerful therapy.  When the day of reckoning for the high cost/ low result  medical care  currently in control of healing comes, will this Lifestyle study receive the attention it deserves?   I hope so. I can’t wait! The CAPS  study, along with others I have discussed over the years, are hopefully the  medical example  of   a’disruptive technology’ described often in IT circles. Disruptive technology is the sudden appearance of new methods, information so much better that it quickly obviates the methods currently being used.   The next 10 years in  Medicine should  be very interesting and exciting.  Lets enjoy the ride. Bye for now, time to go to the gym!

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SIBO – A New Approach to IBS – When fiber makes your IBS worse.

Have you been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, but can’t find any relief? You’re not alone.  10-20% of the population in North America has IBS.  Symptoms include altered bowel habits and abdominal pain.

I am excited to have recently joined Dr. Lynn and his team at SFPMG.  I am a naturopathic doctor, specializing in chronic illness with a focus on autoimmune conditions, digestive disorders and women’s health.  As a naturopathic doctor, I’m always investigating the underlying cause of disease. The most common causes of IBS are the following:

  • Overgrowth of bacteria in the intestines
  • Poor diet (processed foods, fast food, irregular eating patterns)
  • Food intolerances (most commonly gluten, dairy, soy corn, and eggs)
  • Abnormal digestive function (inadequate digestive enzymes, low beneficial bacteria, leaky gut, poor motility)
  • Stress
  • Infections with parasites or yeast

Take a close look at the first cause listed above.  This is a new area of investigation.  Fiber is supposed to make IBS better, right?  For a large percentage of people with IBS, fiber actually make symptoms worse.  When your gas and bloating or IBS symptoms worsen with a fiber supplement or high fiber diet, the cause might be Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

SIBO is a new area of investigation for IBS.  In these cases, bacteria overgrowing in the small intestine use complex carbohydrates to multiply.  These bacteria produce gas that creates discomfort and altered bowel habits.  Even if you’ve investigated many other causes of IBS, or been to a gastroenterologist and they’ve told you that they can’t find anything wrong, SIBO may have been overlooked.

SIBO frequently starts after a course of antibiotics, a parasite infection or a viral illness, though many times the cause is unknown.  SIBO is often an underlying cause of numerous health conditions including acne rosacea, interstitial cystitis, restless leg syndrome, autism, hypothyroid, and acid reflux.

Testing for SIBO involves a simple home breath test.  Effective treatments use gentle pharmaceuticals and herbs.  Low carbohydrate diets, such as the FODMAPs diet, provide additional support for correcting the bacterial overgrowth.

If you’re concerned about SIBO, consult these excellent resources and consider making an appointment.


I look forward to meeting and working with you to create better health.

Warmest wishes in Health and Well-Being,

Jenny Mann, ND
The San Francisco Preventive Medical Group

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SHOULD I GET A FLU SHOT? What is Nature’s Flu Shot?

Dr. Paul Lynn

Paul Lynn, MD

The above is a frequently asked question in my office these days. Followed often by “Do you get the flu shot”? My answer to both of these is no, based on the current research.

Here is the background:

– The shots are widely reported in the press as very safe.
– Dr Oz gave Piers Morgan an influenza shot on air to demonstrate the ease and safety of the procedure…Piers Morgan promptly became sick! – I have seen countless patients become sick just after getting the flu shot. One died.

All a coincidence?  Maybe. Maybe not. It is tough to get to the objective facts about the shots.

The CDC reports the shots as proven to be safe and effective. How do they know? They and other government agencies most of the time seem to only quote data which has been informally gathered by their non-researcher-type staffers it seems.

When the independent Cochrane Library looked at the medically published data, they found the following:

It seems 15 of the 35 studies from which our taxpayer-funded Center of Disease Control (CDC) quotes the benefits are totally funded and performed by the very companies which market the vaccines. Those studies, the Cochrane Group reports, had much more favorable outcomes.

I cannot find one independent double-blind study that has ever been done on the flu shot! Amazing when we remember it is a recommendation by the CDC that practically 100% of the CDC should get the shot.

The independent Cochrane Center researchers looked at the published researched data. They concluded that 100 people would have to be inoculated to avoid 1 case of simple flu! No reduction in hospitalizations, deaths, or other complications from getting the flu was found to be reduced by getting the flu shot. Feel free to review their research online. After clicking on this link, scroll down to the plain language summary.

An interesting Forbes magazine article by Bruce Japsen reports that national pharmaceutical chains had a much better than expected increase in January 2013 sales (year to year from January 2012). Why is that a pertinent fact? Japsen’s article states a large part of that increase in sales was from the revenue from sale of inoculations.

Given the above what can I suggest as an alternative to the flu shot? My suggestion is to take zinc 50mgm/day during the flu season. This simple choice is shown to reduce the frequency and duration of flu symptoms. It is what I do.

It is best to take the 50mgm of Zinc as a single solitary nutrient. Taking the zinc blended together with other nutrients in a pill reduces the absorbability. Taking the zinc at the same time as other supplements or with food is fine.

Any side effects?

About the only thing I have seen is a very rare flare up of acne in someone already prone to acne. If this occurs, stop the zinc of course.

Is zinc picolinate better than zinc sulfate?

One study indicated it was perhaps better absorbed. I have seen zinc sulfate work equally well. Do read the label. Use the zinc source with the least fillers. The cheaper brands often have more fillers for some reason.

Click here for an independent study on the effectiveness of zinc

Why do I not see more media reports about zinc if it is so good?

Several reasons….

1. Zinc is extraordinarily inexpensive. Zinc can not be patented. Therefore there is not enough profit created by the sale of zinc to warrant a marketing program.
2. Corollary to reason #1: Were a marketing program launched and was successful, not only would the publicly traded company running the pharmacy not cover their costs but the success of the zinc would actually reduce their income on other more profitable products such as the flu shots, cough syrup, cold relief tablets, etc.

Also, remember, getting a couple of mild to moderate flu episodes per year is not all bad. It allows our immune system to ‘flex its muscle’. Being required to gear up occasionally to produce enough immunity to overwhelm a new virus can keep our immune system in shape.

The main point of this e-mail is to let you know the actual current status of research into flu shots and the under-reported success of a natural alternative which has worked well for years. This allows you to make a perhaps more informed decision about whether to get the flu shot or not

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Create Your Future 2014 Health Summit with Dr. Lynn & Dr Oz

i-2T9bJhq-MYou’re invited to the Create Your Future 2014 Health Summit, Northern California’s premier health, wellness and leadership event.

Hosted by the Peninsula Special Interest Lions Club (PSILC), the third annual conference will raise awareness about the benefits of good nutrition and proper medical care in leading a long, fulfilling and active life. The 2014 Health Summit brings together parents, educators, government agencies, and healthcare professionals who share a passion for wellness and wisdom.

i-pmNBJ84-MWe’re assembling an esteemed panel of health experts to match the caliber of last year’s event. You’ll enjoy two days of invaluable instruction, demonstrations, tools, and resources to make positive changes in your daily life.

Friday, June 13, 2014 – 1 pm to 6 pm
Keynote Speakers
Exhibitor Expo
Demos, Screenings, Seminars, Presentations

Saturday, June 14, 2014 – 8 am to 6 pm
Keynote Speakers
Exhibitor Expo
Demos, Screenings, Seminars, Presentations
Networking Reception (No-Host Bar)
The Gala with Entertainment — 6 pm to 10 pm.

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How the FDA & Big Pharma Collusion Can Kill Us While Taking Our Money

FDA Levies Large Fine Against Johnson & Johnson

It is not Really the Good News you Think it Would be.

Dr. Paul Lynn

Paul Lynn, MD

Recent press releases from the FDA and Justice Department proudly announced Johnson & Johnson [J&J] had been given a fine of 2.2 Billion [with a “B”] dollars. When I read the media reports about this huge fine, I was impressed. Perhaps the FDA system still has it within themselves to muster up the courage and independence to stand up and police a Big Pharma company such as J&J. Could the FDA actually begin to protect the vulnerable public?

Who is Big Pharma? It is a small group of large international pharmaceutical companies who have taken a large degree of control over what we as doctors and patients are allowed to use in medical care. Many insightful medical investigations have pointed out these companies have an inherent need to make enormous profits simply to exist. This means that the profit potential of a drug often overshadows the risks and effectiveness of the medication.

Overall this represents a great change in medicine during the past 40 years. The reality is that it is a business and marketing plan, not a diabolical plot. However, it is a business plan using high-octane pharmaceuticals that can kill if not rigorously policed by a third party.

As an organization, the FDA has repeatedly been shown to be unable to withstand the public and private pressures put on them by the might of Big Pharma. These campaigns for drug approvals are funded by the immense profits Big Pharma reaps through their sales. This issue is compounded and further muddied by the revolving door that regularly swaps personnel between the FDA and pharmaceuticals companies that it is supposed to regulate. It really has become like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. The book titled Big Pharma: Exposing the Global Healthcare Agenda by Jacky Law provides more of the details.

You may be thinking that if the FDA can levy a $2,200,000,000 fine, things are going to be different now. Right? Not so fast, the details reveal the exact opposite.

The fine is part of a larger settlement which represents a new triumph for J&J and by extension all of Big Pharma. Most importantly this fine sets a precedent, a protocol so to speak. It allows Big Pharma to get away with marketing an immensely profitable medication in spite of being repeatedly warned to stop by the FDA. The FDA rejected the request from J&J to market a drug called Risperdal for off label uses. Besides not believing it was an effective treatment, the FDA also suspected the drug was actually maiming kids and causing strokes and early deaths in the elderly.

Here is why J&J chose to disregard these warnings of strokes, deaths, etc. for up to 9 years. The company was making money, a lot of money, on the sale of Risperdal. The total net profit on this drug alone was 24 BILLION dollars. Therefore the final fine represented only 9% of their profits. That fact was somehow left out of the press releases put out by the FDA and Justice Department emphasizing the size of the fine. Instead, the attorney general indicated that fines of this size would send a message of fear to the entire industry. Instead it sends a message of fear to any of us who discovers the details of this fine. Big Pharma has been reassured, not frightened. It is the people who are supposed to be protected who are now frightened. The settlement dramatizes how much Big Pharma can now do without fear of being held accountable. The watchdog policing arm of the FDA has been neutralized by profits.

There are more disturbing details. Again, one has to ask, where is the outrage?

Who paid J&J these insane profits?

We do, you and I. Most of the patients receiving Risperdal off label were in government assisted medical care.

Some taxpayers have to work two jobs. We pay our income taxes. Some of that money goes to paying the salaries, lucrative pensions and vacations of the same FDA staff that do not have the courage or are compromised to do their job.

J&J targeted doctors managing these government assisted medical programs. The settlement included the information that kickbacks were used to get these doctors to create a need for a drug, which carried warnings of non-effectiveness and dangers. Why did these doctors not step up and ‘just say no’? Finally, who pays for the doctors that provide services for those on government assisted medical care? You guessed it. We do as taxpayers.

Suggested reading: On the Take: How Medicine’s Complicity with Big Business Can Endanger Your Health by Dr. Jerome Kassirer

So we, as taxpayers, ultimately pay for the entire chain of corruption. J&J profits, FDA, and government paid doctors employed by us to care for the infirm and indigent.

Who were the patients? Why is this important?

Pre-teen boys and the elderly needing some form of nursing assistance were the primary patient groups. Strange combination, but notice what these groups have in common. Neither had direct control of the intake of their medications. The current business model of Big Pharma yields more stable revenue and profit when the products are consumed by patients who have someone else obtaining it, giving it to them, and who are not in a position to question its value or safety.

Now From the “It Can’t Get Worse, But It Does” Department: Further Terms of the Settlement

The fine was accompanied by a legally binding document. The settlement document had J&J admitting guilt to criminal activities. The executives involved were then given permanent immunity from prosecution for those criminal activities! What a great deal this was for them; the envy of every illegal drug or narcotics dealer in prison.

Did the fine and settlement ‘send a message’ to J&J and its executives?

The J&J stock price was not affected by the settlement. The message here to the company seems to be “congratulations” for getting such a sweet deal when you broke the law.

What about the executives? Well, one executive in particular deserves special mention. His name is Alex Gorsky. He initiated the off-label marketing plan to expand the use of Risperdal beyond the FDA permitted limits. He was so identified with this drug, that for a time he included the tremendous increase in profits from Risperdal in his personal resume!

What did the company do to teach him a lesson after he brought down the “wrath” of the FDA and the Justice Department on the company? He was promoted by the J&J Board of Directors to be the head of the entire company. He is the new CEO!

What does this mean for you?

So once again buyer beware when it comes to Big Pharma. With huge profits as the key business driver, their next drug might help you, or it might kill you, but the Big Pharma company that makes the drug will definitely make a killing.

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Dr. Lynn, Dr Oz, & Dr. Chopra @ Health Symposium 2013

The video will begin playing when enough has loaded. Pass your mouse over video to reveal controls. Click the arrows in the upper right of video to view full screen.

Renowned health and wellness experts, gathered for a full day of sharing invaluable instruction, demonstration, tools, and resources to parents and professionals who work with and care for children.

Dr. Paul Lynn shared the stage with Dr. Mehmet Oz, Deepak Chopra and other well known doctors. This video presents Dr. Lynn’s address as well as a panel discussion with Dr. Lynn and the other doctors.


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