As Medical Director of San Francisco Medical Group, I have used BHRT Protocols for the management of Menopause, Andropause, weight loss and Anti-aging Medicine since 1985. During the past 2 decades, I have first personally created, and then monitored the effects of safe low dose natural hormone therapy programs for thousands of working and retired professionals as patients in SFPMG. These patients have come mainly from the Bay Area, but also from all other parts of the world, seeking help for natual medical solutions of conditions such as exhaustion, weight gain, depression, arthritis, loss of libido, loss of memory or concentration, muscle weakness, heart weakness, osteoporosis and so forth.

The results of these medically supervied programs are now clear. That is when a significantly reduced blood level of naturally occuring hormone is corrected with the BHRT protocols as practioned in SFPMG, the improvement on the great majority of the people we work with, are predictable, sustained and most importantly extremely safe.

On the contrary, the significant risks of using synthetic or non-bioidentical hormones in replacement programs has been well established for years. Medications such as Provera, Synthetic estrogens, and synthetic testosterones have a long history and documentation as causing major side effects. Yet to this day, most of them remain on the approved list of the Federal Drug Adminstration and are still even receiving insurance coverage. The ways of the FDA are sometimes odd indeed.

Again, as a summary, myself and the group of practioners at SFPMG have been pleased with the safety and effectiveness of our programs of BHRT for over 20 years. The results are gratifying, and in many ways compelling.

If you have questions wheather our programs can help you, do not hesitate to call for more information. Also do ask us your tough questions, if that is what is keeping you from getting help. We understand the confusion out in the media outlets. I assure you, we have heard the questions before.

Wishing you all the best, Paul Lynn MD – Medical Director