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Dr. Paul Lynn – Medical Bio

Dr. Paul Lynn

Paul Lynn, MD

Dr. Paul Lynn graduated from Louisiana State School of Medicine and completed his internship at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. He also studied Naturopathic Medicine. He is a fellow in the International College of Applied Nutrition and International Academy of Preventive Medicine.

Dr. Lynn is a pioneer in his profession. He has discovered with his 25 years of experience that diet, amino acids, immune enhancement, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and anti-oxidants have a profound positive effect on degenerative disease and aging. The four cornerstones of anti-aging was developed from these studies.

He has spent years traveling throughout the world researching unique and successful methods. Leaders in natural therapy in the United States, such as Doctors Linus Pauling, John Christopher, and Bernard Jensen served as Dr. Lynn’s mentors. In 1991, he was invited to the Philippines to share his knowledge in natural and anti-aging medicine. Dr. Lynn’s efforts helped start the first Holistic Preventive Medical Centers in Hong Kong and the Philippines.

He has served on the Board of Directors and taught other doctors as faculty for the American College of Advancement in Medicine.

Dr. Lynn spent 2 years of personal study of world religious traditions at the Theosophical Society in Madras, India and continues to actively study the contemplative traditions in all major religions and offers suggested study materials in these traditions upon request. Living in Benedict Monastery in Guatemala as a Medical Missionary allowed him to expand and deepen his spiritual connections.

Dr. Lynn served his country as an infantry battalion surgeon in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division and was awarded the Combat Action Medal and the South Vietnam Cross of Gallantry. He also served as a navy physician at Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego, California.

Education & Early Career

Doctor Paul Lynn was born in Louisiana, graduating from Louisiana State School of Medicine in 1967 and completed his internship at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. He went on to serve as Naval Medical Officer and Second Lieutenant with the 1st Marine Division in Vietnam, gaining a greater understanding of battlefield trauma, tropical diseases, parasite infections and other related medicinal issues. He continued the study in tropical diseases while living in Madras India, and rural Guatemala.

Doctor Lynn studied later herbal therapies with Native American and Mormon Traditional Herbalists and Naturopaths in the early 1970s. He then traveled through Europe to study water cures, and detoxification methods in European Clinics and Therapeutic Spas. He personally studied Neural Therapy with the Huneke family of physicians from Germany, the original developers of this system of therapy which combines homeopathy and acupuncture.

Dr. Lynn initially became acquainted with the concepts and possibilities of rejuvenation, through a chance meeting with Anna Aslan, the developer of Gerovital, in Bucharest Romania. Also, while living in India, he continued to research the principals of natural rejuvenation in the yogic and aryvedic traditions of south India. In the early 1980s, Dr. Lynn began studying the effects of bioidentical hormone replacement with doctors in Brussels and Paris. He was the first physician in the Bay Area to use bio-identical progesterone to help women previously prone to miscarriages to successfully have children through the use of natural progesterone. This is now a better known natural infertility replacement method.


Beyond the above, Doctor Lynn has had a wide ranging career in medicine. He responded to a need for home based birthing by participating in the home birthing movement in Northern California in the late 1970s and 1980s. Through this, he did home births and supervised midwives in Northern California for several years. Throughout his career, Dr.Lynn has presided over or was the physician in charge of 150 births at home or in a hospital.

In 1991, he was invited to Asia to share his knowledge in natural and anti-aging medicine with doctors in these emerging societies. Dr. Lynn’s efforts over the next few years helped start up the first Holistic Preventive Medical Centers in both Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Dr. Lynn taught courses with CME accreditation to other doctors in the 1990s. The subjects taught were the use of mineral detoxification, and anti-oxidants to repair age and lifestyle related detiroration of functions within the body. The methods taught were the use of natural treatment programs of injectable and oral chelating and antioxidant agents to generate the repair of tissue and restore biomedical functionality. He also provided medical externships at his clinic for a variety of Osteopathic and MD students. while being on the teaching facility of ACAM and lecturing to student groups at UCSF Medical School and Life Chiropractic College.

Dr Lynn served on the Board of Directors of the American College of Advancement in Medicine in 1997. At that time ACAM was the largest professional society of physicians associated with Alternative Medicine.

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