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Dr. Paul Lynn, MD

Dr. Paul Lynn graduated from Louisiana State School of Medicine and completed his internship at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. He also studied Naturopathic Medicine. He is a fellow in the International College of Applied Nutrition and International Academy of Preventive Medicine.

Dr. Lynn is a pioneer in his profession. He has discovered with his 25 years of experience that diet, amino acids, immune enhancement, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and anti-oxidants have a profound positive effect on degenerative disease and aging. The four cornerstones of anti-aging was developed from these studies.

He has spent years traveling throughout the world researching unique and successful methods. Leaders in natural therapy in the United States, such as Doctors Linus Pauling, John Christopher, and Bernard Jensen served as Dr. Lynn’s mentors. In 1991, he was invited to the Philippines to share his knowledge in natural and anti-aging medicine. Dr. Lynn’s efforts helped start the first Holistic Preventive Medical Centers in Hong Kong and the Philippines.

He has served on the Board of Directors and taught other doctors as faculty for the American College of Advancement in Medicine.

Dr. Paul Lynn is a member of:

  • Orthomolecular Medical Society
  • American Longevity Association
  • Rheumatoid Disease Foundation
  • Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation
  • Broda Barnes Foundation
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine
  • American Academy of Advancement in Medicine.

Dr. Lynn spent 2 years of personal study of world religious traditions at the Theosophical Society in Madras, India and continues to actively study the contemplative traditions in all major religions and offers suggested study materials in these traditions upon request. Living in Benedict Monastery in Guatemala as a Medical Missionary allowed him to expand and deepen his spiritual connections.

Dr. Lynn served his country as an infantry battalion surgeon in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division and was awarded the Combat Action Medal and the South Vietnam Cross of Gallantry. He also served as a navy physician at Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego, California.

Education & Early Career

Doctor Paul Lynn was born in Louisiana, graduating from Louisiana State School of Medicine in 1967 and completed his internship at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. He went on to serve as Naval Medical Officer and Second Lieutenant with the 1st Marine Division in Vietnam, gaining a greater understanding of battlefield trauma, tropical diseases, parasite infections and other related medicinal issues. He continued the study in tropical diseases while living in Madras India, and rural Guatemala.

Doctor Lynn studied later herbal therapies with Native American and Mormon Traditional Herbalists and Naturopaths in the early 1970s. He then traveled through Europe to study water cures, and detoxification methods in European Clinics and Therapeutic Spas. He personally studied Neural Therapy with the Huneke family of physicians from Germany, the original developers of this system of therapy which combines homeopathy and acupuncture.

Dr. Lynn initially became acquainted with the concepts and possibilities of rejuvenation, through a chance meeting with Anna Aslan, the developer of Gerovital, in Bucharest Romania. Also, while living in India, he continued to research the principals of natural rejuvenation in the yogic and aryvedic traditions of south India. In the early 1980s, Dr. Lynn began studying the effects of bioidentical hormone replacement with doctors in Brussels and Paris. He was the first physician in the Bay Area to use bio-identical progesterone to help women previously prone to miscarriages to successfully have children through the use of natural progesterone. This is now a better known natural infertility replacement method.


Beyond the above, Doctor Lynn has had a wide ranging career in medicine. He responded to a need for home based birthing by participating in the home birthing movement in Northern California in the late 1970s and 1980s. Through this, he did home births and supervised midwives in Northern California for several years. Throughout his career, Dr. Lynn has presided over or was the physician in charge of 150 births at home or in a hospital.

In 1991, he was invited to Asia to share his knowledge in natural and anti-aging medicine with doctors in these emerging societies. Dr. Lynn’s efforts over the next few years helped start up the first Holistic Preventive Medical Centers in both Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Dr. Lynn taught courses with CME accreditation to other doctors in the 1990s. The subjects taught were the use of mineral detoxification, and anti-oxidants to repair age and lifestyle related detiroration of functions within the body. The methods taught were the use of natural treatment programs of injectable and oral chelating and antioxidant agents to generate the repair of tissue and restore biomedical functionality. He also provided medical externships at his clinic for a variety of Osteopathic and MD students. while being on the teaching facility of ACAM and lecturing to student groups at UCSF Medical School and Life Chiropractic College.

Dr Lynn served on the Board of Directors of the American College of Advancement in Medicine in 1997. At that time ACAM was the largest professional society of physicians associated with Alternative Medicine.

Old World Family Doctor with New World Skills:
I can be a harsh critic sometimes of the western medical establishment. My biggest gripe is that many times I experience doctors as closed-minded and unaware of the many, many successful healing techniques that abound in the world, and in particular, those healing techniques of indigenous people.

Dr. Paul Lynn has that “house call” doctor feel about him. He runs the Preventive Medical Group in San Francisco, and promotes a philosophy that espouses the natural healing abilities of the body, while providing assistance in the form of therapies, herbs, and supplements to get your body back on track. He diagnoses with detailed blood tests, and takes time, literally hours, to explain to his patients what is going on and how to correct it. I think in the last 15 years, I’ve spent a total of about an hour with all my previous doctors combined, and none ever took the time to have a conversation with me about my body or to answer questions I had about something I read in a health journal or on the web. Dr. Lynn not only does that, but he takes xerox copies of articles that his patients bring him from wherever, and researches them to better understand if there is any validity to the thesis.

He has helped me lower both my blood pressure and cholesterol significantly, without medication, and has improved my moods and sense of well-being with high-quality supplements that he researches and provides right at his clinic, saving me the bewildering trips to the local vitamin store wondering about different brands and their efficacy. Plus, he is just such a nice guy, who is constantly reading about the latest in nutritional and natural therapies, that you’ll find yourself entranced in discovering holistic treatments that work quickly and sometimes dramatically. If you are in the SF area and are looking for a doctor who can help you to help yourself, no matter what your conditions are, you wouldn’t be disappointed with a consultation from Dr. Lynn. I am so grateful to know the man.” – James E

“I can’t promise you that you will live 25 years longer, but you might not if you do not see Dr Lynn and follow his program.” – CM, Cafe Owner, Sausalito, CA

“He is a real doctor in every sense of the word. Listen to him.” – Carrie Owens, Richmond, CA

“I am a 56 y/o woman working full time as a Financial planner in Marin. Just wanted to comment on how much I have appreciated working with Dr. Paul Lynn to get my postmenopausal hormones straightened out. He seems to have all the newest and safest info and research on bioidentical hormones, anti aging protection, and adrenal fatigue at his disposal. Best of all, he could explain all the controversies clearly to me better than anyone else I had met previously.

I had worked with a couple of other holistic MD’S before but could never get my bioidentical hormone program quite right before being referred to Dr Lynn at SFPMG by a friend. Paul has had over 20 years of experience working with women and men from all over the world as the Medical Director of SFPMG. I met people from literally every continent when visiting his office. He brings a really relaxed professional manner to his work which allows an interactive flow of ideas and explanations during the visits.

It also helps to know that both he and his wife Bonnie have had the personal experience of utilizing the BHRT programs early on and they both look great! So, if you are looking for answers to some of your tough questions or problems with your bioidentical hormone program, go see him, he’s great!” – Jane S., – Patient; Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

“Dear Dr Paul Lynn, First of all, I’d like to thank you for recommending the book, ‘Cloud of Unknowing’. It has opened a whole new dimension of my perception to the world in healing and wholeness. From a spiritual dimension, perfect health is do-able if only, we believe and open ourselves entirely to the ‘unknowing’ that our Source will provide. It is very hard to do, but faith is what helps heal finally and this you understand. Of course, healing hands are primary. I have keenly perceived that your gift as a doctor is beyond everyone else’s in your profession. I also especially admire Dr Grieder next to you, as a ‘younger version ‘, in that he has most of the traits that you have demonstrated in your practice. He is also very professional and speaks highly of your clinic in his practice as a product of your mentorship.” – Vicki W. – Professional business person, San Francisco, CA

Comments About Specific Cases

Family’s Report of Successfully Treated Symptoms & Conditions

I have been a patient of Dr. Paul Lynn for 18 years. I heard of his practice from my relative who had been having Chelation therapy at Dr. Lynn’s office. My relative had been told by multiple doctors that he needed surgery for his illness symptoms. Dr. Lynn discovered that he had lead poisoning due to his workplace and started him on Chelation. This was the correct diagnosis and my relative has enjoyed many years since and has not needed surgery.

I went to see Dr. Lynn because I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I was only 49 years old but I had the spine of a 70 year old and the hips of a 73 year old. I was also suffering from terrible headaches which were a result of the hormones I was given by my current Endocrinologist for the Osteoporosis. I couldn’t think well and my head felt thick. I had been overdosed with Thyroid when I was in my 30’s and therefore did not build the necessary bone density. Dr. Lynn did many tests and prescribed hormones and supplements. I felt better very soon. He said it would take time to build up my bone density. As time passed I no longer had Osteoporosis and only had some mild Osteopenia. He did all this without any drugs.

After taking a Thermogram test I started Chelation therapy. When I completed 25 sessions I no longer needed glasses that I had just started to wear. I had never worn glasses before so I was thrilled that the Chelation corrected my vision problems.

I have had thyroid problems since I was 17 years old. The doctors in my past have never been able to get my thyroid medications balanced. Dr. Lynn put me on both natural and synthetic thyroid and I felt the best I had felt since my youth. He figured out how to balance my system and I had a feeling of well-being that I never had before. I have always been a healthy person and almost never get sick but I did not have the clarity of mind that I have now. Dr. Lynn also accomplished all this over a period of time without giving me any drugs. After seeing how well I was doing, my husband Jim decided to to to Dr. Lynn. Jim has been under his care now for many years and feels great. Two years ago Jimi had a stent put in one of the arteries that feed the heart, after Jim’s surgery he was put on many drugs by his Cardiologist. Jim felt terrible and his elbow swelled up and filled with fluids and he had joint problems etc.. We went to Dr. Lynn and he took Jim off all the drugs and gave Jim natural supplements and started him on Chelation. Jim feels great again.

I have taken many people to see Dr. Lynn over the years. My mother-in-law called me one day and said she thought she was dying in the night and that she could see something ‘pulse-like’ through her eyes. She had not been a patient of Dr. Lynn prior to this. My mother-in law was on so many drugs, including nitroglycerin tablets. She could barely walk, could not drive anymore. She could not do normal household chores or even cook. She also felt like she had a restricting rubber band around her head. Dr. Lynn changed the medications and put her on new supplements. We started taking her to Chelation treatments. After the 5th treatment she said the tight rubber band feeling was completely gone. In a short time she was driving herself over to our home and walking up the stairs by herself. She enjoyed a full life again including cooking for her family and lived to the age of 92. I believe she would have died if I had not taken her to see Dr. Lynn.

Another elderly friend had a severe case of shingles. Numerous doctors had tried unsuccessfully to help her. She was in constant pain and would curl up in a ball on the bed and cry most of the day. She couldn’t eat and was getting very thin. After taking her to Dr. Lynn she recovered completely. He sent her home with some shots that she injected daily. Dr. Lynn said it could take up to 14 days to recover and he was correct. On the 14th day she was better and eventually had no pain and a full recovery. She lived until her late 80’s.

For the past few years we have been taking our daughter Julie to see Dr. Lynn. Julie was 38 years old and was quite ill. Julie had been misdiagnosed years before and ended up very close to death from a ruptured appendix. While in the hospital she suffered for days and the ruptured appendix resulted in massive amounts of peritonitis all around her organs. She later had another surgery to remove some of the scar tissue and repair her organs. Julie could only fully function about half a day. She suffered with intestinal pain, body cramps, diarrhea and fatigue. Dr. Lynn ran blood work and tests on Julie and in time with his supplements and hormones she improved. Julie is now 40 and feels and looks so good. She is able now to care for her 3 children and husband and has the needed energy for a full day. Julie does not have any of the previous problems she was suffering from and does not need any more surgery. We are so grateful to see our daughter with the energy of a young mother. She no longer has to suffer the pain she had to endure for so many years.

Dr. Lynn has always told me that it takes time for us to get these illnesses and health issues and therefore we need to be patient because it will take time to get well. His method of medicine is not a quick fix like we experience from taking drugs. His way of practicing is natural and does not have the side effects of drugs causing one to have other problems. I will continue to thank him for all the people in my family that he has helped and even saved. I thank him too for my health and the way he has made it possible for me to be a wife, grandmother, and caregiver to my parents, my brother, my mother-in-law, work in my church, go on missions and trips, etc.. I could not have accomplished all this and more without my good health that I attribute to Dr. Lynn. I will continue to be an advocate for him and bring to his practice people that cross my path that need to feel and function as well as possible.
With gratitude, LB

Dr. Lynn has great supplements to keep me alkaline and in harmony with the natural way. Now I have a happy, laughing prostate instead of a constant irritation. Everything he has recommended has been a phenomenal boon to my health. Even the labs he uses are well beyond the ordinary. Three years ago, Dr. Lynn recommended a new test for small dense LDL. I said why? He said that’s really the LDL that causes heart attacks.

Three years ago, Dr. Lynn recommended a new test for small dense LDL. I said why? He said that’s really the LDL that causes heart attacks. Not the total LDL I had always done before. None of the conventional doctors were doing it at the time. Turns out I had small dense LDL. No problem, he helped me lower them without drugs. Unbelievable! Only now conventional doctors recognize the value of the test.

See Dr. Lynn in person if you can. He is one of the best, if the best doctor I have met to keep your healthy. If you can’t, at least go to your local doctor and ask for the small dense LDL test. It could save your life. CM – Businessman, 68, SF

To start, I am a 21 year old college student, enrolled at the University of California (San Francisco), and at the end of the semester, I had to undergo a minor surgical procedure. While recovering, I needed to take a large quantity of over the counter pain medication in order to deal with the pain of the bandage remove and other process. However, when I decided to go off of the medication, I was faced with a problem. Rebound headaches. Before I went off the medication, I was unaware of a rebound headache, and did not know that withdrawal symptoms can occur after taking medications such as Tylenol and Advil. However, when the headaches began, I tried to treat them with other medication, (sold at the CVS pharmacy!).

This only made the headaches worse in the long run. As I have seen Dr. Lynn for other consultations before, I decided to call him up. He gave me a regime including Lithium Orotate and Picamillone, as well as Magnesium spray, to manage the headaches and the symptoms, and it worked. Only 4 days after beginning his program, I began to recover, where the other sources I consulted said that these headaches could last upwards of 2 weeks in the initial phase, and reoccur often, sometimes even requiring a hospital visit. But I didn’t need any of that, and thanks to Dr. Lynn, am able to properly enjoy life! – Tom, College Student, 21

I am a 68 year old, retired businesses man who was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and scheduled for surgery. Dr.Paul Lynn has successfully treated me for irregular heart beats with his specialized plan using a European supplement plan and chelation.

To the surprise of my cardiologist, my arteries are clear of blockage and my extra heartbeats are completely controlled. Dr.Lynn has a reputation treating heart diseases and I sought out his help for this. And I am thankful I did. As long as I follow his regimen, my irregular heartbeats are under control and the reports regarding my weakened heart muscle has improved.

But along comes another problem which I did not consider seriously asking Dr. Lynn about. For the first in my life I had a low back pain which would not go away. In my retirement, I have become an avid outdoorsman and fishermen. But suddenly, not being able to use my lower back, I was reduced to sitting in a reclining chair taking tranzadone and neurontin. These meds made me so dopey I sort of didn’t care but I still held out hopes for a life beyond the recliner chair. Various specialists recommended surgical procedures, and my surgery was scheduled.

Since I had a relative who had had poor results from surgeries for spinal stenosis, I asked Dr.Lynn for further specialists to consult. To my surprise, he himself recommended a program which he said had worked for many people in the past. It consisted of a completely non-surgical regimen which has worked to this day.

I have canceled my scheduled surgery and am stable as long I follow Dr.Lynns low back pain program. My hat’s off to the guy. His recommendation may seem sometimes “Out of the box” but he always has the research to back it up. In my experience if you don’t follow his recommendations, it is at your own risk. – RK – Patient

This note is to express my great appreciation for the skill, wisdom and patience that Dr. Paul Lynn has shown over several years as we tried to find the source of my fatigue, depression and fuzzy thinking. I’m in my mid fifties and have suffered from “chronic fatigue” symptoms for nearly two decades.

Allopathic medicine said, alternatively, depending on the doctor, that I was perfectly healthy, crazy or going to die of some unspecified autoimmune disease they could not find or diagnose but were willing to bet on. Working with Dr. Lynn has been an entirely different and uplifting experience. He found that thyroid was clearly involved, due to the symptoms, but tests kept coming back normal.

Dr. Lynn is always keeping up on the latest medical information in natural medicine and he decided to test out a new finding. He suspected my thyroid was producing reverse T-3 hormone which tests normal but does not provide the vitality that healthy thyroid hormone does. Once we tested and treated for this, within weeks my entire health picture changed. I have regained the energy I had in my 30’s and the fuzziness and depression have lifted.

I am again living a happy, energetic and productive life. I cannot say enough for the patience, persistence, caring and hard work that Dr. Lynn and his staff have for their patients. I look forward to working with Dr. Lynn and the SF Preventive team to stay young and healthy for a long time to come. – Carolyn Renaud


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