Growth Factors are more important than hormones. They are. Here are the reasons:

  1. Separate from the aging process when we place our body  under mental or emotional stress, growth factors, [such as BDNF], appear to be reduced perhaps to a greater percentage from the norm than bio-identical hormones.
  2. As we age growth factor production also seems to become reduced at a sharper rate than our hormones.  If we are creating stress while in advancing  age, be careful.
  3. Growth Factors are “architects” our body system to  to  build new  healthy tissue. The hormones, vitamin D, and exercise are absolutely necessary, but they are only  the ‘construction crew’. Emerging Medical Research has shown that the Growth Factors  are actually what is  in charge. They are tiny clumps of amino acids called peptides. It turns out that the repair and replacement of  a cell  is under the direction of these peptides, not the hormones. Thus growth factors, like BDNF, are the actual ‘architects’.

Answer to Second Part of Question: Why we have not heard very much  about  growth factors?

  1. The manufactured version of these peptides are not stable  enough thus far to be massed produced and sold like bio identical   hormones or vitamins. This will probably change. There is so much money potential.  It was the same issue for the vitamins and hormones initially, and that was overcome.
  2. Stable, Non Bio-identical versions have  been produced, but not for general use. Thankfully since the Bioidentical Hormone acceptance was clouded by the dangerous side effects resulting from use of Non Bioidentical Hormones!

Since I find myself explaining Growth Factors a lot these days in patient conferences, want to get some of those discussions in a form to share with everyone using our site.

All the best in health and healing,

Dr. Paul Lynn MD