Health Care Services

The conventional medical approach to acute care and emergency medicine in the United States is at its best and enjoys worldwide recognition for its quality. When it comes to chronic diseases, however, the mainstream medical system begins to show its cracks. Relying on prescription drugs and surgery only to treat complex diseases and chronic conditions, the conventional model often does little more than suppressing the symptoms, yet fails to address the cause of the disease.

At SFPMG we offer the best of both worlds; we choose what is necessary in conventional treatments and combine it skillfully with an array of alternative therapies that make all the difference, always with the goal in mind to provide optimal and lasting relief on the way to your path of health.


  • Education on Wellness and Prevention
  • Cancer Research Counseling & Support

  • Diabetes & Hypoglycemia Management

  • Cardiovascular Health Management
  • Pharmaceutical Drug Therapies if indicated

Screening & Labs

  • Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Evaluations
  • Clinical Biochemistry and Hematology
  • Hormone Panels
  • Functional Vitamin, Mineral and Amino Acid Profiles
  • Environmental Toxin Evaluation
  • Heavy Metal Assessment
  • Food and Environmental Allergy Panels
  • Gastrointestinal Analysis
  • Genomic Testing
IV nutrient infusion therapies