Longevity & Anti-Aging Medicine and the Four Cornerstones of Health

Cornerstone 1 – Lifestyle

Life Style Diet, exercise, & attitudinal changes are recommended and utilized by our patients to benefits their health, longevity, and avoidance of disease.

Life style should be considered the basis of all the other cornerstones. The key point of view to remember in making choices is that “our” body is not controlled and possessed by us really, but is an indivisible part of all created Life. As the style of life that we choose more reflects this basic truth, our body can flourish from the enormous powers of longevity and health latent in nature. In any decision involving work, play, diet, exercise, etc.; respect for our body will reflect our respect for Life itself.

Cornerstone 2 – Metabolic Detoxification

Chronic inflammation, generated by hidden infections, toxic metals, and poor elimination of cellular wastes wear down your body’s protection against disease. The fact that most of us have chronic infections and toxic metals, which encourage disease, has been long understood by natural medicine. With the development of newer lab testing, mainstream medicine in the past 5 years has come to the similar conclusion.

At the San Francisco Preventive Medical Group, we test to discover these problems and systematically eliminate them. The often observed dramatic recovery from natural medical therapy, which appears to seem almost miraculous, is often the body healing itself after the causes of chronic inflammation when removed.

Chronic pain, which often is the reason exercise is not a part of the daily routine, is usually addressed in this cornerstone, or in lifestyle. Chronic pain is the single largest deterrent to regular exercise. In turn, lack of exercise causes inflammation and metabolic waste to build up.

Cornerstone 3 – Circulation

Maintaining our circulation throughout our life at levels associated with youth is often considered a radically new idea, but in SFPMG and other forward looking clinics around the world, this has been a practiced goal for 30 years.

With abundant circulation, the cells build new tissue and eliminate waste efficiently throughout our lifetime. With reduced circulation, inflammations, and weaknesses secondary to poor new cellular growth can develop. That would eventually lead not only to diseases of poor circulation such as strokes and heart attacks but also help create what may appear to be unrelated conditions, such as arthritis, cancer, chronic viral problems, etc.

Cornerstone 4 – Endocrine Gland Balancing & Herbal Formulas

The endocrine glands are the great physical regulators of the aging process. Their hormonal functions should be preserved at approximately a level of a 40 year old throughout our lifetime to have a truly successful anti-aging program in this cornerstone low dose, safe, natural bio-identical hormones are used to replace deficiencies which arise as our bodies age. This helps muscles, bones, brain tissue and organs from shrinking.

While osteoporosis is a serious issue and gets deserved attention, the shrinkage of muscle, brain and major organs really is much more common problem and causes more debility as we age than osteoporosis. Natural hormones and BHRT when used properly as in San Francisco Preventive Medical Group, behave as super antioxidants, allowing all tissue to resist excessive breakdown as we age. Herbal formulas can often reduce the amount of safe natural hormones we need to add to maintain youthful function. This natural blending of East and West is part of our unique anti-aging program and accounts for our safety and success over the years.

How can the Four Cornerstone Anti-aging Program be used to correct disease already present?

If degenerative disease is already present, the Four Cornerstone Anti-aging program is linked to a program of regenerative repair. The very same methods our bodies use to continue to produce health and vitality as we age can be used to repair itself when sickness is present. Our “job” as doctors and patients in SFPMG is to be conscious of our body’s attempt and natural inclination to heal itself and provide intelligent and careful nutrition to support that activity.

Please talk to us if you have questions about anti-aging medicine.