Diet & Nutritional Counseling

Diet and nutritional counseling provides the tools to improve one of the most important human activities besides exercise and human interaction. We easily forget that our physical body literally consists of the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. Every single cell, every single bodily process relies on those three basic daily provisions.

Through history, humans experienced probably two major events that fundamentally changed dietary habits: About 10,000 years ago, humans gradually moved from a hunter-gatherer existence to settlers, where farming and storing food became evident. The next dietary revolution occurred at the dawn of industrialism, but mostly with the emerging food industry in the last 50 years, with far reaching consequences to health.

A plethora of research shows how dietary habits affect health. At SFPMG, instructions of healthy eating is a part of a treatment plan. A healthy diet is the cornerstone of preventing disease. We may apply specific diets a particular medical condition, and assist in reaching and maintaining optimal weight and well-being.

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