Natural Detoxification Programs

Detoxification protocols focus on safely enhancing various elimination pathways of toxic substances that are often of foreign origin.

It has become a reality today that food, air and water are contaminated with a host of different chemicals that have the potential to adversely affect biological processes in the body.

Though it is a complex and difficult scientific endeavor to assess the consequences of absorbing minute amounts of chemicals over a period of years, there is rapidly emerging clinical evidence that foreign chemicals found in everyday products adversely affect those areas most sensitive to these disruptors such as the hormonal, the immunological and neurological system. This fact is readily visible in the explosive increase of allergies, food sensitivities and neurological conditions, especially in children, who are particularly sensitive to these so called xenobiotic compounds.

At SFPMG we incorporate various forms of detoxification protocols into the treatment plans, making sure that all detoxification and elimination pathways (liver, urine, bile and feces, skin, lungs) are optimally enhanced, with the goal to improve a wide group of conditions. In addition, we provide with specific information in how to avoid best as possible the harming chemicals in the first place.

If you have questions about SFPMG’s Natural Detoxification Programs, please contact us.

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